To keep track of my wedding progress and be updated as I check those items off the list! When the wedding is over and done I plan to do some posts on how-to’s and wedding tips, but for now I want to keep all the details on the DL. So just a checklist preview below:

1) Attend Bridal Expo

2) Pick Date (May 2014!)

3) Book Ceremony Location (Outdoors!)

4) Book Reception Location(Same location as ceremony to make it easy)

5) Book the Pastor

6) Go Wedding Dress Shopping(Sooo many options! I found my style, now I need to narrow it down)

7) Bridesmaids (our bridal party is going to be large, 8 on each side…but in this case, the more the merrier!)

8) Groomsman

9) WEDDING DRESS BOUGHT!!! (only after visiting 6 shops and trying on countless s dresses, but I finally got “the one”)

10) Photographer so excited to have this crossed off the list!

11) DJ

12) Cake its going to taste just like banana bread, moist and sweet!

13) Florist can’t wait to see my bouquet!

14) Wedding Shoes can’t wait to wear these!

15) Wedding Ring

16) Hairdresser and Trial Run hopefully it turns out just as good on the Big Day!

17) Nail Appointments Booked! thanks to my mom for testing out the place!

18) Send out invites and wait for responses!

19) Finalize menu with final head count

20) Bridesmaid gifts

21) Limo ready to arrive in style



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