Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Alissa. I recently decided to start blogging because of all of the changes taking place in my life.

1) In May 2012, I completed my dietetic coordinated program internship and Master’s of Science degree in Nutrition.

IMG_23592) In May 2012, I started working as a Clinical Dietitian.

3) In August 2012, I passed the exam to become an official RegisteredDietitian.

IMG_06554) In August 2012, on the same day that I passed my exam, I got engaged to my boyfriend Josh.


5) In May 2014 I will get to marry my best friend! I can’t wait!!!

IMG_1740As you can see life is constantly changing and I’m trying my best to adapt and keep up. I decided to become a registered dietitian because I am passionate about nutrition and I truly believe that food affects our bodies in many ways. I hope to share my love for food and cooking on this blog, along with other random musings about exercise, wedding preparation, music, shopping, and whatever else I am enjoying in my life. Please feel free to stop back and follow my adventures on the blog. Thanks for reading 🙂



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