How to Camp in NJ





This past weekend my Fiancé and I celebrated the Easter holiday in the great outdoors. We wanted to do a “practice weekend” for the honeymoon, where we will be camping for several days in Wyoming. We wanted to start getting our legs and lungs in hiking shape and getting our packing perfected. So here are some out our camping highlights and tips from the weekend…

1) Have a place to sleep! Really for the great outdoors you don’t need much, and when the weather is warm enough you can just sleep on the ground under the stars. However, this weekend was quite chilly, with night time temperatures dropping down into the 30s. So we bundled up in mummy bags (0F bags are recommended) and stayed warm( well for the most part) in our truck tent.



2) Always be on the look out! Can you see the porcupine in the tree? This is one of the many east coast animals I spotted….the other ones included deer, squirrel, birds, frog, turtle, fish, tadpole, raccoon, ground hog…definitely got our animal spotting skills perfected!




3) Hike with a partner! It’s always better to hike with someone else, because you never know what you will encounter or what will happen!


4) Find a good hike! But make sure you pick a hike that fits your ability. Do some research on-line ahead of time to look at distance, time, and terrain. The hike we did this weekend had over a 1000ft climb and was pretty rocky, but we know this ahead of time and were prepared! Plus we took some walking breaks along the way.


5) Spend time at the campsite! I love just hanging out at the campsite and relaxing. Some good things to pack are folding chairs and also some books/magazines or cards to keep you occupied. Plus there is always plenty of time for campfire stories!


6) Be on the look out for night time visitors! This little raccoon thought it wanted to be our friend. While it is always fun to see animals, just make sure to keep your distance.


7) Make a campfire! The campfire is good for heat and for cooking food. We made some delicious grilled cheese mountain pies and roasted some turkey sausages. Then we made a dessert mountain pie with chocolate and marshmallows. Mmmmm.



8) Take time to relax, and enjoy the views. I mean seriously, does it really get any better than this? Love it. IMG_3048


The weather was perfect, the company was great, and the weekend was wonderful. Camping is always a good time, and if you’ve never been, I recommend it!

What is your favorite part about camping?




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