Things I’m Loving Thursday…

It always feels great when another weekend is approaching, especially when I have a fun adventure planned with the fiancé! Will definitely have to report back on Monday. For now I leave you with some of my favorites from the week…

1) This is the first season I’m watching the voice and I am addicted! Definitely adding some new songs to my iTunes.



2) Sushi. One of my favorite take out meals. This veggie roll was my day off treat.



3) New recipes. I made this quinoa black bean recipe that my friend gave me and it turned out great! I’m going to share the recipe next week so stay tuned. Also paired with the quinoa dish were oven roasted sweet potatoes (just tossed in a little olive oil and then cooked for ~40min at 350F) and some baked buffalo tofu strips (drain 1 box of extra firm tofu for ~1hr, marinate in 1 cup of Franks Buffalo sauce for 2hr, cut into strips and bake at 350F for about 40 min). Both the tofu and sweet potatoes can cook at the same time, while you are making the quinoa!



4) Foldger’s Vanilla Biscotti coffee is my absolute favorite! Pair it with some Baileys caramel creamer and you may just have the best pick me up drink.



5) Etsy. Definitely one of my favorite places to look for wedding items. Trying to look for some last minute ideas….











What are you loving this Thursday??



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