What You’ve been Missing…

Why Hello there, long time no blog. To say I have been busy would be an understatement. But this weekend my fiancé made me realize how much I miss my outlet of blogging. During my bridal shower, on Saturday my family surprised me with videos of Josh answering questions about me and about our relationship. One of the questions was, “What are Alissa’s favorite hobbies?”. Josh listed blogging as one of the answers, and I knew he was right, but some how I had left it behind these last few months. I got caught up in “life” with wedding planning, honeymoon planning, summer trip planning, and after wedding real-life planning.

photo 3

As you can see, I have been doing a lot of planning. However, I am here today to make my re-enterance into the blog world! I think I’m going to change the way that I blog slightly, and make it more of like a chronicle of my life, with a focus more on day to day activities, and then highlight my healthy lifestyle and eating habits with in that.  For instance, this weekend I had my first NJ diner experience, and also had THE most delicious sweet potato pancakes.

photo 1


So I will still focus on the food and healthy eating, but I’ll also take more of a journalistic approach. Sounds like a plan right? I hope that you will continue to follow along, and find out what the life of an aspiring RDN, a loving fiancé, and just an adventurous girl is all about.




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