A Modernist Meal at Home

Today I just wanted to share with you an interactive E-book. This book is comes from Inkling and is called the “Modernist Cuisine at Home”.




The authors explains it as a book with “distinctive photography and illustration to guide you through the science, equipment, ingredients, and philosophy…”of making dinner at home. The book allows you to click on various terms and do even more than what your typical cookbook would allow. For instance, you can adjust the number of servings for a recipe and then book will update all the quantities of the ingredients. I haven’t been able to try out a recipe for myself yet, but would love to give you all the chance to try it, especially the Mac n’ Cheese. Go and check out “A Modernist Meal at Home” for yourself and get a free preview of the Ebook. Plus you can search around the Inkling food category page for more interactive books. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


*Disclaimer: I was contacted by Inkling to review “A Modernist Meal at Home” sample chapter. However, all opinions stated above are my own.



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