5 Tips to Kick off a Healthy Lifestyle in 2014

I know that this is the time of year where people are trying to loose weight. However, most of the people end up going about it the wrong way! They pick a diet fad, follow it for a few weeks, and then ditch it because they feel deprived and hungry. The change shouldn’t focus as much on loosing weight as it should be about becoming healthier and integrating a healthy lifestyle as a part of your daily routine. Here are a few goals that will help to start your lifestyle change off on the right foot…..

1) Choose Beverages wisely…..water, unsweetened ice tea or coffee and leave the calories for the food




2) Measure out food portions….if a box of crackers says that a serving is 15 crackers for 150calories, count out 15 crackers to enjoy and put the box away. Do not leave the box open next to you. This can lead to mindless eating and overeating.



3) Limit the toppings…if you are having a burger, choose one topping that will add fat, be it mayo, cheese, or bacon- but limit it to one, and get rid of the excess. Unless you are adding additional vegetables, then add away!




4) Keep healthy snacks in eye sight…..when the hunger or boredom strikes and you are reaching for a snack, if you have a bowl of fruit on the counter or cut up vegetables in the fridge,they will be readily available for snacking.




5) Give into your cravings…if you are craving chocolate, have a piece of chocolate. Just don’t go for the king size Hershey bar, have two or three Hershey kisses, just enough to satisfy the craving and then move on to your next task.




What is your favorite healthy lifestyle tip?



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