The Rachael Ray Show

Today I checked one of my long-time to-do items off my bucket list, I got to be in a TV audience. And this was not just any audience, this was the Rachael Ray Show! To get tickets is free, but you can’t pick the dates they are just randomly sent out to you and then if you can go you confirm. I finally got a date I could make and I was so excited!

Photo 3
I caught the train into NYC early this morning, and then my friend Sam and I got in line for the show around 830 am. The tickets don’t “guarantee” a spot so I wanted to make sure I got there early to give myself the best chance possible of getting on. Rachael Ray herself pulled up right in front of us!

Photo 4

So we got a pre-show “Good Morning” from Rachael. We waited in line until about 10am, got our “real” tickets, and were ushered inside.

Photo 1

Once inside, we waited in another room while we got the audience spill, and then they started calling people into the studio. My friend Sam and I got to be the first people in and ended up sitting front-row center! It was so cool!

The whole taping and filming was really interesting to watch. I definitely recommend going to sit in a TV audience. I had such a great experience! Oh and Regis Philban was one of the guests, which made the day even better. Plus I won some free stuff. I mean, how could the day be any better?

Photo 2

I love New York City 🙂

Have you ever been in a TV audience?


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