Fall Filled Weekend

This weekend was filled with all kinds of fall festivities. Saturday started off with a trip to a fall festival at a local fruit farm. They had the most delicious apple dumplings I have ever eaten in my life! I did not count calories, I just savored every bite.

Photo 1

Then we took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. It was such a beautiful fall day!

Photo 4 Photo 3 Photo 2

I ended up getting just one little pumpkin.

Photo 5

After the fall fest, I visited with family for a bit. Then Saturday night I went to a Haunted Cavern/Trail/Hayride. It definitely was quite the experience. The cavern was definitely worth it though, being underground always makes things scarier 🙂

Then after such a beautiful day on Saturday, Sunday was quite the opposite of drizzly on and off rain. This was supposed to be the day for my engagement pictures, but we didn’t want to take the chance of being down poured on so we rescheduled. Kinda of disappointed they didn’t happen, but now I have more time to prepare my outfit 🙂

Then Sunday evening was spent sitting in traffic and making the drive back, meaning an end to the weekend. I hate when weekends come to an end 😦

Did you partake in any fall festivities this weekend?



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