What I’m Eating Fall Edition

Now that fall is officially under way, I have made it my mission to try and incorporate as many of the delicious fall foods into my diet as possible. Here are some my recent fall eats from the past week, most of them containing some type of orange colored food, aka pumpkin or yam. I think my skin is starting to develop a nice orange glow 🙂

Photo 1


Yam and topped with a slice of cheese and an over-easy egg

My new favorite fries, recipe here

Photo 4

Hand-Rolled Focaccia Round from the Farmer’s Market with Pumpkin and Brie

Photo 3

Pumpkin Fro-yo topped with walnuts and crushed graham crackers

Photo 2

Pumpkin Pie bagel from Panera

Photo 5

Farmer’s Market Vegan Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookie

Photo 7Umm how could I pass these up? Haven’t had pop-tarts in years, but the pumpkin flavor drew me in. Limiting myself to only buying one box this year, and so worth it!

What is your favorite fall food?

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Eating Fall Edition

  1. I love panera’s pumpkin bagels!!! I really like adding a fried egg and black beans with a little salsa to a sweet potato for lunch. I’ll have to try it for breakfast too!!


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