Butternut Squash Fries

Hello October! You brought a lovely welcome of 80F weather that I thoroughly enjoyed for my quick run after work. However, I do not like that you will be making the sunset at roughly 700pm. This leaves me very little time to be outside after work. Looks like its going to be time to move to the gym. I’m excited though because I just got a Living Social Deal for a new spinning/trx studio so I’ll have some place fun to work out and avoid the dark 🙂

In celebration of October I’m sharing a new fall recipe featuring one of my favorite vegetables, Butternut Squash! I think a lot of people tend to be intimated by squashes by these guys are so versatile that they can blend in with almost any casserole dish. However, today is all about the butternut squash fry! Tasty, delicious, and a low-carbohydrate alternative to french fries. So if you are a diabetic who is counting their carbohydrate intake, this one is for you.



Dash Salt

Dash Pepper

Dash Cayenne pepper

Dash Ginger

Dash Cinnamon

(I tend not to measure spices in many recipes, I usually just start with a little and then add more if I think it needs it. It’s always easy to add more, but subtracting is a little more difficult)


1) Preheat oven to 425F

2) Peel butternut squash ( I used a pairing nice and slowly cut it off)

3) Scoop out the seeds and discard

4) Cut the squash into uniform rectangle pieces

5) Place squash pieces in bowl, add spices and mix well

6) Place squash onto greased cooking sheet, and bake for 15 min.

7) Flip squash and bake for another 15 min, or until brown and tender.

8) Enjoy with a side of ketchup or syrup or on their own, either way you will want more! Therefore I suggest getting a large butternut squash, because a small one was enough for only one person 🙂

*Recipe originally found here

What’s your favorite Butternut Squash recipe?


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