Avocado Sandwich

I love avocados and I found my new favorite way to enjoy them, on a sandwich. This little gem I call the “Avocado Special” and I think it is going to be my new favorite lunch for the next couple of weeks.



  • 1 Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin
  • Your Favorite Hummus ( I used garlic flavored for this one)
  • Pesto (this is the homemade one I picked up from the Farmer’s Market)
  • Cucumber Slices


1) Spread one half of sandwich thin with hummus and on top place avocado slices. (FYI it easiest to slice the avocado by cutting it in half and then slicing it while it is still in the skin, then the slices will just slide out when you press on them)

2) Spread the other half of sandwich thin with pesto and top with sliced cucumber pieces.

3) Put the 2 halves together and enjoy!

What is your favorite avocado dish?


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