Holiday love.

I love when a Monday is considered a Holiday and I love it even more when I have the day off of work to celebrate! Plus, this Labor Day I had even more celebrating to do because it was Josh’s birthday. Josh came up on Sunday when I got off work, so we started out the Holiday with a birthday day dinner at  our favorite mexican restaurant in town.


It was delicious,  but come on look at that portion, I think it would feed about 3 people. haha Definitely worth it though and I enjoyed leftovers for lunch the following day.

The only downside to the holiday was that it was cloudy and rainy the majority of the day, which meant our plans to be out on the water were pretty much gone. Therefore we used the morning to lounge and watched a movie, Identity Thief, which was funny but I thought a little over the top in some scenes. When we finally decided to head out for the day we decided to do a little shopping and check out some antique shops.


I found this awesome heart lantern, but the price was a little too steep for me to consider buying it. I think Josh and I could spend hours looking at old things, there is so much weird stuff out there!

After shopping we headed over to get some frozen yogurt for the birthday boy. There were definitely some good flavors out like Pistachio and Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel. Mmm can never go wrong with fro-you 🙂

We had plans to go out to the Melting Pot for dinner, but little did we know until we arrived it was closed for the holiday 😦 Luckily our favorite pizza place was across the street so we decided to grab a pie to go. While waiting for our pizza we enjoyed some Sangria. Definitely did not disappoint.


The rest of the night was spent relaxing at home. All in all not the day that we had originally planned, but it turned out a great day and I loved getting to spend Josh’s birthday with him!

How was your labor day? 



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