Weekend Recap.

I love weekends. I love weekends even more when I get to spend time with both my family AND fiancé.

The highlights from this weekend include:

1) Road tripping home to PA for the weekend!

Typic-1 copy

2) Homemade Belgium Waffle with fresh berries and chopped nuts.


3) Buying my wedding dress! It fit perfectly when it came in with no alterations needed, definitely meant to be! I’m so excited to get to wear it next May. Next weekend its time to find the perfect 3″ heels to go with it.


3) Frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog to celebrate dress success!


4) Eating my Dad’s delicious home cooked meals out on the back porch.

5) Ice Cream from the Creamery, my all-time favorite ice cream place. I got the August Pie, which is and peaches in a vanilla ice cream with a raspberry sauce. Definitely one of my new favorite flavors, so good!

Typic-4 copy

6) Lounging in the hot tub with Josh to relax at the end of a busy weekend.

I can’t wait til these next 5 days fly by so I can do the weekend all over again.

How was your weekend?




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