The Beach.

This past week I was lucky enough to take a few days off and spend some time at the beach. I went to OCMD with Josh and some of our friends from college. Ours days were spend lounging on the beach and by the pool, and nights were spent exploring the bar/club scene. Below are some of the highlights from the trip…


-Arrived at the beach!

-Ate lunch at Smitty McGees and had the most delicious crab cheese fries ever! Definitely indulged in some good but not so healthy food this week, but hey that’s what vacations are for.

– Spent the night out on the boardwalk, and got a funnel cake to split with Josh, hello fried food.



-Spend the day lying on the beach and enjoying some sun

-Shared some delicious ice cream cones, I got vanilla dipped in rainbow sprinkles. Hit the spot.


– More time spent lying around by the water

-Dinner at Harpoon Hanna’s and got my favorite coconut shrimp.

-Spent the night at Fager’s Island dancing the night away. Love ocean bars that spread right on out to the water.



– Had a girl’s night out at Harpoon Hanna’s for some wine and then went back to Fager’s from some more dancing and sitting around the fire bits on the sand.



– Lots of sunny weather, with an evening game of mini golf! A beach trip just isn’t complete without it.



– Enjoyed some Fractured Prune‘s donuts! I think my favorite was the black forest, it was fresh and hot right out of the oven.


– Got to drive up to Assateague Island and see some wild horses! Definitely a cool experience and one that I highly recommend.



– Night spent at Mackey’s dancing and hanging out. Another cool bar to hang out by the water.



– Last day at the beach 😦

– Enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner at Crab Alley. Highly recommend it! The location, service, and food were all delicious! I tried some crab imperial, steamed shrimp, snow crab legs, hush puppies, and corn on the cob and left STUFFED.

– Night ended at Secret’s, one of Ocean City’s most famous bars!



– Cleaned and packed then made the long trip home. Until next year OCMD.

Have you been to OCMD?



2 thoughts on “The Beach.

  1. We have been going there since I was 5 years old! Now I take my 15 year old daughter! We went at the end of June this year. My daughter LOVES Fractured Prune!!! We also love to go to Assateague Island and go crabbing! Did you have any Thrashers french fries?? Yummy!! 🙂

    • That’s so cool! Yeah I love the area, so much fun stuff to do! I didn’t get any thrashers fries this time, I’ll have to put them on the list 🙂


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