What I ate….

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Thursday already. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like this week is flying by! And I’m definitely not complaining about it. Here’s some of the good eats that I have enjoyed this speedy week….

1) My delicious oatmeal! Although I must have not been fully awake this morning when I put it in the microwave because I accidentally but the timer on for 10 min. Oops. Although I did manage to catch it on minute 3.30 so it didn’t over cook too long. Then I just added some extra milk on top to cool it down.

Photo 2

2) Buffalo Slaw Tofu Wrap. This is one of my new favorite lunch concoctions. Just sauté the tofu in some buffalo sauce, toss some coleslaw mix with ranch dressing (and then by lunch it looks like coleslaw), and top with a little shredded cheese on a wrap. Mmmmm. So good. I’ve already taken it twice for lunch this week.




Photo 13) Veggie Burger Salad. Love to place a burger on a salad instead of a bun. It makes it so easy to get in a serving or two of your daily vegetable requirement. Plus a cold beverage is always good too, when enjoyed responsibly. 
Photo 3

What did you eat this week?

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