Monday Blues

Sometimes the weekend is so much fun, that I think I go into a slight depression on Monday. This was one of those weekends. First of all it was my birthday weekend, there was ice cream cake involved. This year I strayed away for my typical Dairy Queen cake and went with a Friendly’s Moose Tracks. Mmmm so good!


This weekend also involved a photo shoot with my fiancé for some Save the Date options. My sister volunteered to take our pictures around town and I have to say they turned out pretty great! Definitely going be spending the week working on Save the Date designs 🙂


The weekend also included some famous festivals in the area so there was a lot of time spent out in the sun walking around seeing the sites. Plus there was some kettle corn consumed and some fire works watched. It was a typical summer weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it.


The worst part was the drive back.

photo-7 copy

It started off with setting in traffic for about 45 minutes, but then other than that the drive flew by. I ended my trip by stopping at Moe’s for my free Birthday entree (*with the purchase of a beverage). I indulged in the vegetarian burrito bowl and enjoyed every bite.

Now it’s back to the weekly grind and the anticipation of the upcoming weekend 🙂

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