Love celebrating weekends, especially being at home and having my fiance visit too! I’ve definitely enjoyed my vacation this week so here are my H54F


1) Went to visit my ceremony/reception location site for the wedding! Needed so get some better visuals for planning and decorating. Definitely getting excited!

2) Got to have lunch, well breakfast food, at one of my favorite restaurants for my birthday. If you are ever in central PA you need to check out the Waffle Shop!

3) Visited another favorite restaurant this week, Chipolte! And I didn’t even get charged for the guacamole!

4) Love watching the sunsets at home. They really are paintings in the sky.

5) Finally got my wedding dress!!! The one I got is not the one pictured, but I did try on A LOT until I finally found the one. It’s finally getting real over here as I have been in wedding mode all week, trying to check things off the list while I’m home.

Now it’s time to celebrate my birthday with family, fiancé, and ice cream cake!

Enjoy your weekend!

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