Loving Summer.

This weekend flew by way too fast! Plus I can’t believe today is July first, I mean where does the time go?? I’m definitely using my time wisely and enjoying every minute of my summer so far though. This past Saturday I spent the weekend with my fiancé. The day started with a nice breakfast that included an egg, cinnamon raisin english muffin, and a fruit smoothie (raspberries + blueberries + peaches + banana + milk).


After breakfast we got ready and headed out to the Philly Ice Cream Festival at Penn’s Landing. We had never really explored that area so we figured we would check it out. First of all, who doesn’t love all you can eat ice cream? I didn’t stuff myself, but I definitely indulged in a few cups.


We tried to get a little sample from every booth. I think my favorites was Haagen Dazs’ Pineapple Coconut. Yum. Then we spent some time walking along the water.The weather was absolutely perfect out.


After we got back to the house we spent some time target shooting with the pellet gun. I think I hit more target’s than the fiancé this time. He tried to blame it on the sights being off, but I think I just had a better eye 😉

IMG_0899 IMG_0902

Later in the evening we decided to hit up a restaurant with outdoor seating in order to continue enjoying the beautiful weather. We went to Molly Maguire’s Irish restaurant and got to set on their rooftop patio. We started off with a drink, and I got the “dirty hoe” recommended by the waitress.


It was Hogaarden mixed with Framboise. It did not disappoint. Then for the meal, Josh and I split the fish and chips.


They hit the spot and reminded me of my time abroad in England.

To finish off the night after dinner we got some fireworks, just some sparklers, snappers, and one that turned different colors that I forget what it was called.


It truly was the perfect summer day and I can’t wait to have a lot more great days this summer!

How was your weekend?



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