Water, the Best Hydration!

It’s summer time now, so the weather is HOT! In fact today when I was in my car the thermometer read 99 F! When the weather is warm, you need to remember to hydrate. The high temperatures and humidity cause your body to produce more sweat, and if you don’t hydrate properly you can become dehydrated.

The best fluid to hydrate with is water. Water is cool, refreshing, readily available, usually can be ordered free of charge, has zero calories, and replenishes what fluid the body has lost. I mean it truly is a rock star beverage choice. Now maybe you are refuting with the “but I don’t like water” or “water is so boring”, but I have some ideas for how you can make your water a little more exciting.

Here are 10 suggestions to help “boost” your water:

1) Add some lemon or lime slices.

2) Add some raspberries or strawberries.

3) Add some cucumber slices.

4) Add some fresh mint leaves.

5) Add a tablespoon of 100% juice like pomegranate or cranberry.

6) Add some chia seeds.

7) Add some carbonation with a seltzer maker.

8) Add some ice cubes made with frozen fruit.

9) Add some watermelon balls.

10) Add some crazy ice cubes, there are endless tray shapes available from palm trees to fruit slices.


How do you like your water?




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