Monday is kind of like the “debut” for the upcoming week. It’s like the opening act, will the week be good or bad sometimes depends on how Monday turns out. This Monday  I encountered an accident on the way too work (I was not involved just passed it) and a serious traffic jam on the way home from work doubling my commute, on the other hand I also heard some really good news today….so I guess overall my Monday averaged out.

Another “debut” for today is my Something Blue Voxbox I received form Influenster. If you aren’t a member or don’t know what Influenster is I highly recommend checking it out here. In my box I received: Luster Now! Whitening Toothpaste, Q-tips Precision Tips, Dr. Scholl’s For Her Ball of Foot Cushions, Urgent Rx Fast Powders, and Kiss everEZlashes…plus some information on My TrioRings. I was pretty pumped to receive this box, especially since it is based around things that you need for a wedding, and I have one coming up! (Influenster provided me the Something Blue VoxBox free of charge but all opinions are my own.)


I tested out my first Voxbox product this weekend when I was a wedding attendee. I had a new pair of heels I wanted to wear for the evening, so I added my Dr. Scholl’s For Her Ball of Foot Cushions.


These were GREAT! Definitely added some padding and my feet did not slide around as much in the shoe. I wore the heels for about 6 hours, and only ended up taking them off after about an hour of dancing. But the Dr. Scholl’s inserts are definitely something I would look into getting for my other heels.

Now for the GBU:

The Good

– Attending a wedding of some fellow Juniatians! Where I enjoyed delicious food and cake, and had fun hanging out and dancing with my friends.

The Bad

– The wedding was out of town for me so it was a bit of a drive, but the “party bus” aka mini van, with friends made it a lot more fun!

The Ugly

– The drive home when you know the weekend is coming to an end. Seriously, why do they have to fly by so fast??


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