May Cara Box

Somewhere in blogland I stumbled upon the Wifessionals blog written by Kaitlyn. From Kaitlyn’s blog I discovered the amazing Cara Box Exchange that she started. The idea behind the Cara Box is that each month you are paired up with two other women (one to send a box to, and one to receive a box from). The box that you create and send is based on the topic for that month. This month the topic was “Let’s Get Regional, so you wanted your box to include things that were based off of the area that you live in.

In order to be able to make the perfect box, you get to know the other person through e-mail and blog “stalking”. It’s a great way to meet new people and create blogging friends. This month I sent my box to Sammie. It was great getting to “meet” Sammie through e-mail conversations, and I really enjoyed getting to know her. I sent Sammie a beach themed box since I’m from NJ and that’s the big highlight for the area You can check out what I got her over at her blog From Funky to Chunky.

I received my Cara Box from Bekki over at Healthy Nursing Tail. Bekki did a great job with her box, and I loved un-wrapping all the gifts!

In the Cara Box, Bekki included lots of fun baking stuff that I can’t wait to try out and a Good Greens Bar that is local to Ohio.


What did you get in your Cara Box?

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