This weekend I…

The Good

1) Received a package in the mail! Excited to review my first Influenster VoxBox.


Have to say I’m  digging the pink soap. The box also contained coupons, and I’m definitely going to use mine to try the Coconut Butter soap next.

2) Attended the “wedding” of Mr. Sparkles and Princess. Mr Sparkles looks quite handsome, doesn’t he?


(Can you tell I’m passing off the wedding bug to other family members??). The ceremony was quite lovely, and it was followed by a reception of fruit, chips, and pink punch. I also hear they are having a delightful time on their honeymoon to the Grand Canyon.

The Bad

3) Had to work.


But I have to say it was a really good weekend, and I feel like I motivated some people to make changes to their diets! I have to say, it’s not too bad being a dietitian, I mean I love talking about food so I guess it’s a good fit for a living?

The Ugly

4) Went to Shopping. Got sidetracked by the sales and probably spent too much. oops. Also had fun looking for some NJ love to send to Sammie for this month’s CaraBox.

The weekend is over 😦


But I’m excited for this upcoming weekend….Because I get to have an extended one and go to the beach for a friend’s bachelorette party 🙂 So let’s get the ugly of the work week over with and move onto next weekend!

How was your weekend?

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2 thoughts on “This weekend I…

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I have to say – I love the pink soap … it makes my hands feel nice a soft, a great bonus when I have a sink full of dishes!

    Pink Chai Style


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