I love Fridays. They are a day that signifies both ending and beginning. The long work week is over (minus those times you have to work on the weekends) and the weekend is just beginning.

Here are my H54F:

1) Dinner at Alfonso’s + Frozen yogurt

2) Reorganizing my closet for spring and packing up the winter clothes til next year!

3) Continuous warm weather- bring on summer 🙂


4) Barre Workouts


5) Starbuck’s Happy Hour



As for fitness this week, I have kind of taken the week off of working towards any goals since completing the 50in30. I need a new goal to work towards, and I’m not quite sure what I want it to be yet…I’m still working on my year-long goal of completing a 5k every other month (or more often when I feel up to it), but I think I need a new short-term goal. I’m going to think about it this week and discuss some possibilities this coming  week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

What fitness goals are you working on?

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2 thoughts on “Friday.

  1. I need a short term goal, too. I’m sticking to my 50in30 (On instagram Hausofgirls is doing 52in30), but I really want to focus on my core and arms this month. A sinus infection has put me behind, but I’m hoping to beat it soon and get back out there!

    • I started working on my arms and core too! Just did the workout tonight from Shape magazine. I think I need some good strength training goals, that’s what I’m going to work on…


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