Barre Workouts

I always love trying out different exercise classes to break up the mundaness of running (Yes I know there are some people that can run ever day and not get sick of it, I however, am not one of those people, I love variety!) I fell in love with barre workouts last year when I was in grad school. One of my Pilates teacher’s introduced me to the barre workouts and I have been in love with them ever since.


One of the reasons I like barre exercises is that it makes me feel like I am somewhat of a ballerina, just because you have first position, second position, etc. I never got to experience dance when I was little, so this is a good excuse for me to use that bar. Two it really focuses on the muscles and gets them to shake, and shaking is a good thing because it means you are isolating and really toning that area. Three, I love the feeling after a good barre class, I just feel so strong. Anyways, the classes can be pricey- which is kind of a downfall to workout classes in general- but there are a few videos out there on-line that can be done in the home. I just use the back of a tall chair or stair railing as my barre.


I still get the same sweat and the burn as I would at the gym. I definitely recommend looking for a barre class!

How do you like to mix up your exercise routine?

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