Monday, again.

So I took a brief hiatus from blogging these past few days, but that’s because I had to travel home for an important event, my sister’s graduation! I got to spend an extra long weekend at home with my family and I made sure to enjoy every minute of it. The weekend still few by though, per usual, so let’s recap…

The Good

Family + fiancé = it doesn’t get much better than this

Beautiful spring weather enjoyed at the Arboretum and walking around downtown


The Bad

Delicious food: Pre-graduation tailgate Friday + Saturday morning brunch + Dad’s homemade French Toast Sunday morning = I ate waaay too much, but I don’t regret it! These are the moments worth celebrating!

The Ugly

A 4 hour drive back to reality. Ugh, weekends should be fives days and the work week should be two…

How was your weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Monday, again.

  1. I’ve never been tailgating before, but I need to go! Apparently tailgating is a big thing here in Nebraska – I think I need to do that! Glad you had a good weekend!


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