Sandy Sprint 5K Recap

5:45 am: Hit the snooze button

5:50 am: Rise and shine

6:10 am: Chug some coffee + 2 slices whole wheat bread with peanut butter + Banana

6:30 am: Leave for the race

7:00 am: Find parking

7:10 am: Pick up packet and hang out


8:00 am: Warm-up

8:30 am: Start!


8:39 am: Feeling great after mile 1

8:41 am: Went through the first color section

8:49 am: Still feeling strong after mile 2

8:52 am: Went through second color station

8:55 am: Legs feeling pretty heavy

8:58 am: Sprinting to the end

9:00 am: Hoping I don’t puke

9:10 am: Re-fuel with post race soft pretzels and yogurt

9:30 am: Back to the car for the drive home


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