Celebrating our Earth



At work this week we are promoting earth day by having special events each day that focus on ways we can improve our carbon footprint. I think it is really important for people to be environmentally cautious and aware of the decisions they are making. I try to make the best environmentally-friendly choices that I can, but I know that I can do better. The Huffington Post posted 10 Small Ways to Go Green this Year, and I thought I would summarize them with you while sharing some of my own tips as well.

1) Walk more often. When we leave our car at home and hoof it to the grocery store, post office, or church we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

2) Use Public Transportation, especially if you are in a city where it is widely accessible. I know being from a small town public transportation is pretty much non-existant in some areas. Another option for those places is car pooling.

3) Fill up your gas tank during the cooler parts of the day when you are less likely to have gas evaporate into the atmosphere.

4) Look for the EPA’s Energy Star sticker when purchasing or upgrading appliances to help cut back on energy usage.

5) Recycle old electronics like computers and cellphones instead of hoarding them in your basement or attic.

6) Cut back on water usage. Don’t let the water run when brushing your teeth, set a timer when taking a shower, make sure to turn the faucet off completely when finished.

7) Reuse more items. Remember your reusable shopping bags when you run to the grocery store, turn the milk jug into a watering can, pass down clothes to neighbors or relatives.

8) Be aware of what’s on food labels and avoid products with harmful chemicals and dyes. Also chose local and sustainable foods when able. Farmer’s Markets are great places to get your weekly groceries!

9) Clean up after your Dog! Don’t let the poop end up contaminating water sources.

10) Replace your light bulbs with ones that are more energy efficient.

How do you reduce your carbon footprint?

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