You again…

Without fail Monday has come again…sigh….I hate ending the weekends, but I love knowing there is another one waiting for me in 5 days! Here is a recap of the weekend:

The Good


– I got to go back to Happy Valley and I got to spend time with the fiancé, sisters, friends, and parents. It was quite the visiting weekend and I loved every minute of it.

– Josh and I got to go on an evening stroll along the river, which was the perfect way to wind down from the weekend and just enjoy the scenery in honor of Earth Day.

1 photo-2

– I stopped at Target and got a free re-useable bag in honor of Earth Day! Gotta love free stuff 🙂

The Bad

– The bad part of the weekend was having to drive away from all of my friends and family. Distance is the worst.

The Ugly

-I was supposed to be tailgating on Saturday in the beautiful spring weather, however Mother nature had other ideas and decided to bring snow, sleet, and rain. Let’s just say I was not prepared for the conditions and may have packed a bit too lightly and was quite frozen as a result. Good thing plastic bags provide some insulation!

Did you Celebrate Earth Day this Weekend?

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