Hello Friday! Where have you been all week?? I’m so glad that you finally arrived because I am more than ready for the weekend. First though, here is a re-cap of this week with High Five for Friday:

1) Won a new hiking backpack with supplies.

2) Went out to dinner and Fro-yo with a friend from school.

3) Found another decoration to use somewhere in the wedding (I’m more of a doer than a planner ha)

4) Mailed off this month’s Cara Box

5) Tackled a huge to-do list and crossed off everything on the list (check lists are the best motivators)

Also in for Friday are weekly mileage stats: 23 miles completed, 27 miles to go.


Oh boy, I think I see some looong runs in my future. I’m hoping I can get those 50 miles in. Better get moving!

Linking up with H54F and 50in30



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