The Clean 15 vs Dirty Dozen

Do you ever think about where your fruits and vegetables come from? Do you wash your vegetables and fruits before eating them? If not, you might want to start. You also may want to reconsider what you are buying and go for some more organic varieties if some of your favorites are on the Environmental Working Group‘s (EWG) Dirty Dozen Plus list. However, if your favorites are on the Clean 15 then you can skip the organic section. Here are the standings according to the EWG 2012 list:

Dirty Dozen + Plus

1) Apples

2) Celery

3) Sweet Bell Peppers

4) Peaches

5) Strawberries

6) Nectarines

7) Grapes

8) Spinach

9) Lettuce

10) Cucumbers

11) Potatoes

12 ) Blueberries

13) Green Beans

14) Kale/Greens

* The Dirty Dozen plus may contain pesticide residues of special concern

Clean 15

1) Onions

2) Sweet Corn

3) Pineapples

4) Avocado

5) Cabbage

6) Sweet Peas

7) Asparagus

8) Mangoes

9) Eggplant

10) Kiwi

11) Cantaloupe

12) Grapefruit

13) Watermelon

14) Sweet Potatoes

15) Mushrooms

Where do you get your vegetables + fruits?



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