Rainy Friday

Today was a rainy day. Actually this week has been a mix of hot to rainy to cold. Got to love the weather. But at least it’s Friday, so here are my H54F:


1) Fro-yo: I love the self-serve frozen yogurt machines. Although I do tend to go a little overboard on the toppings sometimes, but it tastes so good!

2) Warm Weather: LOVE the mother nature has finally brought some spring, actually she skipped ahead to summer for a few days, but I’m not complaining!

3) Storms: There was a crazy thunder and lighting storm the other night. The sky always looks so cool right before the storm starts.

4) Salads: Warm weather makes me crave fresh, cool foods, like salads. Made a nice big one for dinner the other night and posted some great tips on making your own salad here.

5) Mason Jar: How cool is this water bottle? I really tried justifying buying it, but I need to keep my budget in line for the wedding so I had to pass, but if anyone wants to send a present … 🙂

Also, working on my 50 miles in 30 days this week. The rain kind of hindered my progress, so I’m only up to 15 miles so far. However, they are predicting nice weather for the weekend, so hopefully I’ll be able to make a dent in the milage!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Rainy Friday

  1. I love Mason jars and in recent months have ditched the plastic cups. I saw one like what you posted but the bottom had a stem like a wine glass. Vewerry Kweever. Side note, it’s nice to find an RD here on WordPress. Cheers!

  2. That fro to looks delicious!! And the weather has been the same here…perfect Monday-Wednesday, rainy Thursday, cold yesterday, but perfect & warm again today!


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