Spring has arrived!

This weekend brought a little peak of spring time, and then today it went into full bloom with temperatures where I am in the 70s! I definitely got outside today for both exercise and leisure activity to soak up some Vitamin D. I also enjoyed a delicious bowl of frozen yogurt to celebrate the weather 🙂


Now for a recap to the weekend…

The Good

– I had Friday off from work so I got to have an extra day added to my weekend!

– My mom came to visit for the weekend! Even though I just saw her over Easter, it was nice to have her here visiting for the weekend 🙂

– My cousins came up to visit on Friday for a party that my aunt and I were hosting.


The Bad

– I had to work on Saturday and Sunday, but my mom and I made the most of our free time when I got home from work, so the weekend wasn’t a complete bust.

– With my mom in town, we ate out for most of our meals, which means I probably indulged a little too much (even though I picked mostly healthy options from the restaurants), but the food was sooo good! Love some Chipolte veggie bowl!


The Ugly

– Wedding dress shopping started this weekend. Who knew there were so many gowns? And who knew that I would like so many of them? I think I have a style narrowed down, and a few contenders but I feel like its going to be so hard to decide!


How was your weekend? 

Hope you have beautiful weather wherever you are!

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3 thoughts on “Spring has arrived!

  1. Fro yo is the bomb.com and so is Chipotle! 🙂

    If you’re ever interested in venturing down my way to look at wedding gowns, I have a bunch of great bridal salons that I could recommend. What an exciting process!


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