50 miles, eh?

I saw on Kelly and Lindsay‘s blogs that they are motivating people to do 50 miles in the 30 days of April as part of their Friday Fitness Link-up. I mean first, it sounds intimidating. 50 miles sounds like a lot, but really when you break it down and spread it over the course of the month, I think it is definitely do-able! I have 2 races coming up at the end of the month, so what better way to get motivated for training then joining a challenge:) This week was a little slow, so I only have 5 miles completed for week 1, but check back next week for an update, because I think I’ll have some more miles to check off my list!

Are you in for 50 miles in 30?

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2 thoughts on “50 miles, eh?

  1. Yay!! So glad you are participating! I had a slow week, too. So far I’ve only gotten in 4 miles. I’ll make it up though – the weather is turning nicer and I have no plans this weekend.


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