More Greens, Please!

Today I read an article in my daily Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics newsletter that highlighted the benefits of green leafy vegetables. These vegetables really are a superfood that offer our bodies antioxidants to help us fight off diseases. People are really lacking in their green leafy vegetable intake, but these veggies are SO versatile that there really is no excuse. Here are some of my favorite greens and a way to incorporate them into your daily meals:

1) Spinach: My favorite leafy green! Spinach is nutrient dense, and is packed full of Vitamin C, K, Iron, Folate, plus many more vitamins and minerals. Spinach can be enjoyed at breakfast in a smoothie or omelet, at lunch in a salad or sandwich, and at dinner in soups or pastas. Spinach tends to blend in with the seasonings it is cooked with, so go ahead and try adding it to your favorite dish to increase the nutrient power!

2) Romaine Lettuce: Great for salads, sandwiches, or wraps. Adds a nice crisp, crunch to your meal along being an excellent source of Vitamin A, K, C, and Folate.

3) Kale: One of the “popular” new greens. This trendy green has become know for it’s “chip” form. Just top with olive oil and your favorite seasoning, then roast it in the oven for 5-10 minutes on each side, just make sure to watch that it doesn’t burn! Again, packed with Vitamin A, K, and C.

Definitely enjoyed some greens today in a Smoothie for dinner.


Ingredients: Spinach (~1.5 cups- I like to really pack it in), Almond Milk (~1 cup), 1 frozen banana, 1 “scoop” Vanilla Protein Powder, 2 ice cubes.

Directions: Blend until smooth!

What is your favorite Leafy Green?

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