Here we are at Monday once again! I swear weekends go by faster every week. I especially enjoyed this one because Josh came to visit! We definitely had a blast, so here is the weekend re-cap:

The Good

– Hmm did I say Josh came to visit? Being in a long distance relationship, this automatically made the weekend good. Plus we got in some outdoor rock climbing! Even though the weather was still a little chilly, we bundled up and got our butts outside. We climbed at some rocks near the Delaware Water Gap. I can’t wait for some warmer weather so we can get out again.


The Bad

– I was all excited to take Josh to a Mexican restaurant Saturday night for dinner, however, when we got there, there was no where to park and the wait was over an hour and a half. I mean there was not even a spot to stand in the bar area to try and wait. I was bummed. However, we persevered and decided to check out the Mexican restaurant closer to home. It ended up being a delicious meal and we cannot wait to go back! Sometimes plans are meant to fall through I guess.


The Ugly

– I am a sucker for deals, and in this case I could not pass up one for an upcoming 5k, I mean registration was half-off! However, then I realized it was the day before another 5k that I already signed up for. Oops. Guess I better get-a-running!

– The fact that the weekend is over, and Josh had to leave and go back home this morning 😦 On the other hand, I’m hoping that this week goes by fast because I get to see my family for a long-weekend vacation for the Easter holiday!

How did you enjoy your weekend?

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