So close to the weekend!

I’m so happy that today is Friday! Definitely looking forward to some relaxation and adventures this weekend, but first a quick recap of the week.


1) Celebrated St. Patricks Day with a splurge Shamrock Shake, mmmm.

2) Started the week off right with a free Pumpkin Iced Coffee from DD, and yes I will continue to enjoy the pumpkin flavor as long as it is available, it just doesn’t get old.

3) Enjoyed my free Rita’s on the first day of spring! One of my favorite spring treats.

4) Got to stop at Trader Joe’s this week and pick up some of my favorite staples, as long as a new grain, farro, to try.

5) I get to see this guy tonight and I’m SO excited!

I don’t have that much planned for the weekend, but I know that I definitely want to get in some type of exercise. Fitness related activities really are the perfect date! Here are some of mine and Josh’s favorites:

1) Rock Climbing– either indoors at the gym or outside when the weather is warm enough

2) Bike Riding– love riding on trails next to rivers or on the rails-to-trails, perfect opportunity to pack a picnic and just enjoy the outdoors on wheels

3) Hiking– state parks have great trails to explore and you can pick up a map at the ranger station

4) Kayaking– one of my favorite warm weather activities! you can either each get your own kayak or get a double seated kayak so you can paddle together, both are great options

5) Walking– sometimes that after dinner stroll is the perfect ending to the day to just un-wind and have some time to bond

Can’t wait to see what adventures I get into this weekend! Hope you all find your own adventures 🙂

What is your favorite fitness date?

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