Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week. I like Thursday because you can feel the anticipation of the weekend, and I’m not going to lie that feeling that I’m going to be off for the next couple of days is great! It’s that feeling that gives me that little extra motivation to get through Friday. Thursday is what Josh and I like to refer to as the day before, the day before, the weekend. In case you don’t get that same anticipation “energy” here are some energy boosters:

1) Coffee: contains caffeine (8oz ~250mg), which is a stimulant, to help wake us up and get our bodies moving

2) Tea: some varieties contain caffeine (8oz ~10-60mg), which again helps to stimulate the body

3) Eat Breakfast: eating in the morning helps us to “break the fast” from the night before and rev up our metabolisms

4) Morning Work-Out: no better way to get the body moving than with a morning sweat session

5) Go to Bed: studies show that people are not getting enough sleep, so to help your body feel more energized in the morning, try hitting the sack earlier.

Alright guys, we are almost to the weekend….just need that little extra bit of motivation because tomorrow is Friday 🙂

How do you keep yourself energized?



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