Irish Luck

I hope that everyone had a fun weekend being Irish! St. Patrick’s day is such a fun holiday, and now it is basically celebrated throughout the whole month with various parades and festivals taking place, and I’m okay with that. Everybody can use a little bit of Irish spirit, and being part Irish myself I don’t mind prolonging the celebration 🙂

This is how I celebrated my St Patrick’s Day weekend:

The Good

– I got time to bake some cookies, and I was able to try a new recipe. I just used a box pumpkin cookie mix (leftover from my pumpkin loving hoarding) but instead of adding the 1/2 c. butter (90g fat) that the recipe called for I added 6 oz of fat-free vanilla yogurt (0g fat). I was a little iffy on how they would turn out, but they were great! I know a lot of people are already substituting with yogurt, and now I’m totally on the band wagon. I suggest you try it as well.


The Bad

– I caved for a McDonald’s Shamrock shake, I mean they are only out once a year so it’s not like one or two will hurt.



But then I also caved and tried the Fish McBites, which is probably the first piece of food I’ve ordered from McDonald’s (minus the Shamrock shake) for several years. Let me tell you, I actually enjoyed them, which is bad because now I will want to order them again. It’s okay, everything in moderation, so I’ll just wait a few weeks 🙂


– The weather was not outdoor friendly this weekend. It was cold. And after working all day I did not have any motivation to exercise in the cold. Here’s to hoping that this week is warmer so I can get my butt in gear. (as I write this it is snowing outside, spring COME ON!)

The Ugly

– I had to work ALL weekend. This put a damper on my St. Patricks day fun, but now I’m already looking forward to next weekend when I will be off!

– I didn’t get to see Josh this weekend due to working (which is why I am excited for next weekend), but on the other hand I still had a nice date to hang out with for the evening after work.


How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

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4 thoughts on “Irish Luck

  1. We always celebrate with Irish food… Shepherd’s Pie, Irish Soda Bread, and green brownies! This year we did it all a day late… but it was still delicious… especially the Baileys Irish Cream Cheese Frosting on the adult brownies! So good.

    • Mmm Bailey’s Irish Cream sounds like such a good addition to frosting! And I definitely need to get my hands on some Irish Soda bread while it is still in the stores, I love that stuff.


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