Sometimes, people forget to learn the fundamentals and jump right into learning and applying more complex information. Today we are bringing nutrition back to it’s basics, and we are going to review carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are one of the macronutrients that help give our bodies with the energy they need. In the body, ALL carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. Glucose provides fuel for our cells, and helps to keep our bodies functioning properly. One gram of carbohydrate provides are body with 4 calories of energy. Everybody needs glucose to live. You can get glucose from a variety of carbohydrates, including:

  • Breads, Pastas, Cereals, and Other grains
  • Fruits
  • Dairy products
  • Vegetables
  • Foods with added sugar like soda, candy, and baked goods

Some people like to categorize carbohydrates into “good” and “bad” categories. Well some carbohydrates are BETTER, being that they provide are bodies with more nutrients and contain fiber, ALL carbohydrates can fit into the diet with moderation.

Better carbohydrate choices would include: whole grains, fruits, beans, and vegetables. However, like I said, with the right portion size and frequency all foods can find their place in our diets. It’s drinking super-size sodas and eating energy-dense cookies every night of the week that can lead to a problem. Finding the proper balance with carbohydrates is key!

Stay tuned for more macronutrient insights! It never hurts to refresh on the basics.

What is your favorite carbohydrate?



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