Oh, Monday…

I think Monday creeps up faster ever week. I feel like it was just Friday, and now the week is ready to start all over again. Here is a recap of the weekend:

The Good

1) I made this delicious Shamrock Shake.


2) I got caught up on my favorite TV shows .

3) All of the snow that arrived Friday morning has now melted!


4) Daylights saving time has arrived, which means I can now officially start running outside after work. I love longer days!

The Bad

1) I got to go shopping at Target on Saturday, but I probably walked out of there with more than I needed. Oops. That store always has the best deals that I cannot turn down.

2) I got in a 5k today after work, but unfortunately it was all I had time to spend outside:( I need more hours in my day.

The Ugly

1) I was stuck inside most of the weekend with work and what not, so I didn’t get to enjoy the weather as much as I would have liked to. I hope spring is around to stay!

2) The wedding date was FINALLY officially set and a down payment was made, but now all is how much planning I have to do. It’s going to get ugly really fast. And I also see that I need to somehow miraculously expand my savings account in order to do so, anybody have those trees that grow money?

How was your weekend?

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