Fartlek Training

I used to dread Fartlek training during summer training for soccer, but now they are one of my favorite workouts! Fartlek comes from a Swedish word that means “speed play”. Basically a Fartlek let’s you vary between running fast and jogging or walking in between. The intervals don’t have to be structured or timed, they can just be based off how you are feeling. Go full speed for as long as you can, and then recover with a jog, and keep repeating. I like to pick objects like trees or mailboxes a long my run to sprint to and then I recover, and pick another goal. It makes the runs a lot more entertaining and I definitely work up a good sweat! With the weather getting warmer again, I’m hoping to get outside this weekend to get my Fartlek on!
How are you celebrating fitness this weekend?
Linking up with Friday Fitness!


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