Is there an App for that?

Today people are becoming hooked on their smartphones, and for good reasons too! Those little devices can give you access to pretty much anything from pretty much anywhere. I was late entering the iPhone era but I must say I quickly became addicted to my phone. The one thing I really like about smartphones are the Apps. There are SO many out there. As a dietitian, I know that people are constantly looking for things to make their diets better and their lifestyles healthier. Today I’m going to provide feedback on several apps that I think are worth a download to help kick start that healthy lifestyle and encourage participation in National Nutrition Month®!

NTCNikeTraining: Provides great at home workouts. Each each workout is made up of timed intervals. The app provides a stopwatch, instructional videos, and motivation. Plus it allows you to link up with Nike+ if you have an account there. (If not you can create one for free)




Allrecipes: Great for finding recipes based on ingredients, dish type, and time it takes to cook meals; modifications to recipes may be needed to make some recipes healthier




IsMyFoodSafe?: Helpful for knowing what temperature to cook foods to, especially meat, and helps you decide if you should throw out those leftovers or if they will keep for another day.




Find Me Gluten Free: This is great for people wanting to avoid gluten. You can take this app to the grocery store with you and scan the barcode to see if the item contains gluten. It also provides restaurants that offer gluten free items both locally and popular chains.



All in One Yoga: Has a huge data base of poses! Plus offers photographs and instructional videos for the poses. Great for an at home yoga session!


What Apps help keep you healthy?



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