Hello Monday

I’m always so sad to see the weekend leave, because they are also the perfect opportunity to have fun, relax, and catch up on what needs to be done. This weekend involved a little bit of all of those. So with out further ado…

The Good

– I got to start of the weekend with a morning yoga class. The perfect way to stretch and relieve all the tension from the work week.

– I made my first wedding purchase! Just a minor decoration, but at least we are getting started on the process. I’m a bargain shopper so when I see a good deal, I’m not able to pass it up. I also was able to do a good deal of browsing on-line for ideas and I think I’m starting to have a theme in mind that I’m going to roll with.

– I got to enjoy unlimited sushi and vanilla soft-serve at the East Star Buffet. Plus, my fortune cookie was pretty entertaining…


The Bad

– I didn’t get to hang out with Josh at all this weekend 😦 Oh long distance relationships,  but we have plans for next weekend.

– I came in 2nd in my Oscar poll….so close to winning a prize! But I’m glad that Jennifer Lawrence one the Best actoress and that Anne Hathaway was the Best Supporting Actress. They are both 2 of my favorites.


– I went to a jewelry party on Saturday and fell in love with a necklace that I think I want to wear at my wedding. But It just doesn’t feel right to splurge yet, so I had to control the urge to buy it. I should probably get the dress first anyways, and then accessorize.

The Ugly

– The wedding contract STILL is not signed. Josh and I had to change our date once again, and re-adjust some times, but I think at the end of this week we may finally have our official date. Then I can really start getting into the planning.

– Feeling exhausted this morning after getting sucked into the Oscars. I’m definitely not a night owl anymore. Thank goodness for coffee!

So there’s another weekend for the record books. I can’t believe it is already the end of February! This year is already starting to fly by…

How was your weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Securing the wedding date is always the hardest part! It took Walker and me close to three months to nail something down! :/ I’m super excited about your first wedding purchase, though. Get excited – it’s going to FLY by!! 🙂

    Happy Monday!! xo

    • Yeah it’s taken Josh and I about 2 months haha, but that’s why I’m starting planning early! I hope I’m prepared for all the planning that lies ahead, ugh 🙂


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