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Ahh recipes, either you love them or you hate them. They claim to make your dinner come out perfect or your dessert be the favorite of the party. However, recipes are not always as user friendly as they should be. Some have a million ingredients, others have ingredients you have never heard of, and some may forget to list an ingredient altogether. This is why where the recipes come from are key. Below are some of my favorite links to use for finding new recipes:

1) Healthy Cooking: I love this magazine because not only does it have good recipes, but it has other interesting articles about food and exercise to tie the healthy lifestyle together.

2) Allrecipes: You can basically find any recipe on this website, however I highly recommend reading the reviews and seeing what changes people have made to the recipe before you decide on whether to make it or not

3) Pinterest: I think on here you can find really awesome recipes, but you also have the recipes where you think “How did they get this to turn out?”. It’s a gamble, but it’s definitely inspiring see all the pictures of delicious food!

4) Cooking Light: Provides a lot of recipes that have already been modified to the “healthy” version.

5) Every Day with Rachel Ray: I always loved watching the talk show, so I just recently subscribed to the magazine when it was on sale. I have to say so far I am impressed! Not all the meals are necessarily RD approved, but a few easy modifications can save a couple calories without damaging the dish.

6) Blogs: I love seeing what other people make for dinner on their blogs and I think its a great way to generate and share ideas. Some of my favorite blogs to get recipes from include:

With the internet, the access to recipes is basically endless! Just be careful, because sometimes it’s not the cooks fault when something turns out blah, its the recipes!

Have a good recipe or recipe site to share?



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