Valentine’s Day Link-up

I am truly blessed to get to spend Valentine’s day with my fiance. This morning we started the day out right with some french toast made out of the leftover Chocolate Babka bread I got on the weekend.


Mmmm nothing tastes better than chocolate for breakfast!

But seriously having the day off from work has been so nice, being able to relax, watching mindless TV, and doing some wedding plan searching. I feel so lucky to have such a great guy that I will get to soon spend the rest of my life with! I saw the Valentine’s Day Link-up on Life:Oceanside, and wanted to join and share some info on my fiance.

1) How did you meet your significant other?

Leeds 006

Josh and I met at college. He was a friend of a friend, and when I saw him I said to myself, “He is going to be my boyfriend”. Not to be all cliche, but it truly was love at first site. Anyways, we started hanging out a little while after that and soon later were dating. Seven years later we are still going strong!

2) What/Where was your first date?


Our first date was a walk to the Cliffs that you can walk to near our college. The view there is really breathtaking. Then after we went back and ate at one of the school cafeterias. Oh the life of a college student. (Photo)

3) What’s your best relationship advice?

Alissa Xmas

Be yourself. If you allow yourself to just be you, the relationship will always be honest and open, and you will be able to put down a strong foundation that will continue to grow and develop into a strong relationship.

4) What is your most embarrassing moment in front of your significant other?


Well as Josh says, I should never be embarrassed in front of him, and anything I do will never embarrass him. There were probably things back in the beginning of our relationship that were “awkward”, like the time I accidentally sat on a cactus when we were camping in Arizona, but I don’t really think I’m ever felt embarrassed.

5) What most attracts you to your significant other?

Alissa XMAS gift

Umm everything. haha His looks, his personality, his sense of adventure, and his ability to make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

6) If a movie was made about your significant other, what actor/superhero would play his role?


Hmm in all honesty, Josh would probably want to play the role himself. I don’t know if any actor would be able to do as good of a job.

You can join in on the V-Day Link-up here!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Spread some love 🙂




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