Mondays are sometimes grueling. It’s hard to force yourself out of bed after sleeping in over the weekend past 630am. It’s hard to get back to a schedule after being free to chose what you want to do all day long. Sometimes, like today. I just need to relieve stress after work. There are many different outlets to relieve stress and everybody should have some outlets when they have that rough Monday, that overtime shift, or those deadlines that crept up with no warning. Today I’m partaking in three of my favorite forms of stress relief:
1) Exercise – got my butt to the gym and gave myself some me time to just sweat it out and to give my brain time to digress
2) Tea- there is just something about a nice warm cup of tea that’s helps to calm the soul

3) Reality TV- in particular the bachelor, it’s a show that helps me to forget about my life and focus on the lives of others

Here’s to the Stress-Free Monday night!

Anybody have any good stress relieving tip?


2 thoughts on “Stress


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