Wine Talk

Again we come to the conclusion of the weekend, and are faced with the beginning of another week. Now is the time to reflect on the weekend and enjoy a glass of vino, or two 🙂

– I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my fiancé, Josh, and some of our friends. We went to Dave and Buster’s for one of our friend’s birthdays on Saturday. I found it interesting that Dave and Buster’s now puts the calories next to every food item on the menu. The appetizer sampler clocked in with the most at 3000+ calories! I would say that is definitely a dish for sharing! Most of the meals were between 1000-1500 calories, which is still around 50-75% of ones caloric needs for the day. However, they did a a few meals that were under 600 calories, and I tried one of those. Seeing calories next to an item on a menu really does make it a lot harder to indulge, which is a good thing! I got the mango grilled sharp skewers and it came with spiced rice and broccoli. It was actually quite tasty!


– Josh and I also indulged this weekend and had a Starbucks date. I had a tall non-fat Chi Tea Latte (my favorite) and a sausage and egg breakfast sandwich. This was my first time having the sandwich and I will have to say I was quite impressed, but this is definitely a food to enjoy in moderation only. It was pretty tasty but also provided about 500 calories. But don’t worry, I enjoyed every last bite 🙂


-I finally got to stop at a Great Harvest Bread company this weekend. I have been wanting to try their bread after hearing about them on the blog world and I finally passed one today. Can you tell I’m a serious foodie? As I walked into the store I was offered a sample of Cinnamon-Pull-A-Parts, and it was delicious. But I was there for the Chocolate Babka! Mmmm so good when the chocolate is all melted out of the toaster oven! Definitely will be going back there again!


-The rest of the weekend consisted of wedding planning. So excited to finally be booking the venue and making progress. Definitely going to be a lot of work, but I’m really starting to enjoy the process, I just can’t let it stress me out. But then again a glass of wine can always help with that 🙂

Well those are some highlights from the weekend, hope you all had a great one as well! Cheers!

Anybody try any new restaurants or foods this weekend?





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