Ok I know that I need some work on my blog, especially since I am just starting out in the blogging world. There are so many blogs out there in the interwebs that make me think “Wow” I could do that or I should really look into that for my page. Well I got just the inspiration I needed with the 28-Day Blog Challenge. The challenge was started by Katy and I thought joining would the perfect opportunity to really get into action with updating the blog and making some changes. So for the next 26 days (today is Day 2 of the challenge) expect to see some adjustments over here on iAManRD. I’ll post my changes each day on the blog and any suggestions of future changes are definitely welcome!

Day 1: Update Twitter name 

Day 2: Update Blog header

Day 3: Posted Twitter Feed on the blog side bar

Day 4: Commented on other blogs to share some blog love

Day 5: Created a Facebook Page for the blog

Day 6: Created a Recipe Page

Day 7: Made a Static Homepage

Day 8: Posted 7 Consecutive Days in a Row!

Let the #28DBC commence!



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