Yoga…the exercise that helps keep you flexible and your stress levels reduced. As I recover from an injury I am utilizing yoga to help me strengthen my back. I try to attend 2 yoga classes a week at my local gym. So far it seems to be helping, or at least it’s not hurting because I haven’t experienced anymore pain so far (fingers crossed). Below are some of the poses that are key in helping to straighten the lower back and that I completed during my physical therapy sessions. Click on the pose name for a description of the pose:

1) Cobra

2) Bridge Pose

3) Locust Pose

4) Cow Pose

5) Sphinx Pose

Just like long runs and the heavy lifting sessions help to increase our fitness levels, so does yoga. Any workout, is a workout and it has changed your body for the better in some way, no matter how small or how big. Whatever you can do with your body, just keep doing it and keep pushing the limits as your body will allow. This is how we increase our own individual fitness levels.

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4 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. I am a huuuge advocate of yoga. I feel like a lot of people think it’s “easy” but there is definitely yoga out there that leaves you sore the next day i.e. me today after yoga yesterday


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